Little Paradise

This little paradise, where the Rio Tempisque meets the Gulf of Nicoya, is a most calm place in a rural and wild ranching area. A lot of attractions are good and fast to reach. The Barra Honda National Park and the Rio Tempisque with the Palo Verde National Park are very close. More authentic nature and adventure will be hard to find. Other destinations are reachable by car from 1 to 3 hours. This finca is for own private living as well as for a very special and luxurious accommodation business.

Property Size: 30 acre / 12 ha
7 rooms/apartments with baths
950 000 US$

On 30 acre (12ha) you have the high quality comfortable buildings with the surrounding park-like garden with exotic birds, flowers and a big pool. The rest of the finca is grassland and natural forest for enjoying the safe walking tracks that will give you the feeling of an explorer.

You and your family will feel this calm atmosphere and relax from the first moment. Your guests will get unforgettable impressions and leave your place full of energy.

Get your first idea about this place by checking out this website and feel free to contact us for your questions.

Right behind the closed gate a paradise starts. Private road, private park, private freedom. Enjoy a walk on the road with the marvelous view or take one of the jungle tracks on the finca. Just you, the nature and peace!

Two houses with 2 living rooms, 7 bed rooms and 8 baths, 1 appartment, 2 secured xl-size garages and several utility rooms. An advanced security system keeps your privacy.

From every room, the terrace and the pool you have a marvelous view to the jungle, the forest and the gulf with the Island of Chira. No other houses disturb this picture.

Feel all the greatness and freedom of Costa Rica. Enjoy a delicious cocktail in the azure pool and get a gorgeous tan while admiring the views and the wildlife around you. This piece of paradise is just for you!

40 sqmts and 1.6mts deep pool where temperature never drops below 85 degrees (30 Celcius). Easy descent. Comfortable chaise longues. Gorgeous views on the mountains behind…

Cosiness and comfort on the finca is provided. Good quality furniture is installed throughout the houses. Comfortable kitchen and lovely dining room will allow you to enjoy a cooked meal in the circle of family, friends or guests.

The houses are ready to move in. There are all necessary furniture. Tiles on the floor throughout the house create a pleasant coolness. The apartments are well maintained, clean and waiting just for you.

Agree, not everyone has that luxury. Exotic trees surrounds you on all sides, manicured lawns with soft grass. Perfect for your bare feet. Illuminated park area that is necessary to complete an amazing day in your own estate.

Places to visit:

Barra Honda National Park

A mostly secret adventure trip. A likely forgotten place for Costa Rica lovers is the Barra Honda National Park.

Just 20 minutes apart from the finca the park is located. The rich flora & fauna is by the passionate and experienced indigen guides. No one knows more about this forests than the siblings of the natives.

The visit of the cave will be a memory of your entire life! Although completely safe it is a real adventure.

Watch the 9 min Video on YouTube HERE:

Rio Tempisque:

A boat tour on the Rio Tempisque will give you the feeling of an early explorer on the Amazonas River. Crocodiles, Iguanas and a high diversity of aquatic birds. All will be shown and well explained by the boat crew.

5 min video full of aquatic birds & crocodiles from our boat tour on YouTube HERE:

Playa Carillo:

With a car you get to this marvelous and picturesque beach in a little more than one hour. A tropical beach with yellow sand, the blue ocean and and endless row of palms and almond trees.

The azure ocean and the soft sand is not all. On the left side of the beach there is a fantastic rock with a lot of water pools full of life: crabs, small fishes and a little fishermen’s bay behind where you will find pelicans at their fishing work.